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A Million Thanks

A tear or two you’ve dried
A hug or two you’ve shared
A time or two you’ve listened
So many ways you’ve cared.
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God Will

God will
Be your friend
When you’re feeling sad and low
God will dry your eyes
And softly remind you
That he loves you so

God will
Carry you along
When your burden seems too heavy
To carry all alone
He’ll lift your load just enough
To get you through your journey

God will
Wrap his love
Around you if only you believe
That heaven is above us
And he can really see
Everything we do

Yes, God will be there
Because he’s always watching over you

Tags: christian, faith, faith in god, heaven, peace, religious beliefs

A Wonderful Person

You are a wonderfully, giving,
person inside and out;
A thoughtful, treasured,
friend without a doubt.
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You’ll Never Know How Much I Love You

You’ll never know how much I love you
Words could never explain
What it is my heart feels
Or what I wish I could say

Saying I love you
Sounds too simple
Saying you mean the world to me
Doesn’t say enough
There is no definition
That could truly describe love

Love is bigger than four letters
Far more beautiful than it appears
Because of all of this and more
You’ll never know how much
I love you, my dear.

Tags: Beautiful Love, I Love You, Sincere Love

You Set Me Free

The roads I’ve traveled
So long and winding
And painful
Have worn my heart out
And crowded my mind
With endless doubt

The faces I’ve seen
The love I’ve found and lost
Have made a mess of me
I come with a cost

I’ve got enough baggage to spare
Enough hurt to go around
More than enough heartache to share
Why would anyone want me now

Then you came along
Like an angel falling from the sky
You stopped me in my path
You changed my life

You wiped away the sadness
You wrapped your heart around me
You said your love is mine if I’ll have it
You set me free

You took me by the hand
You led me straight to you
You love me for who I am
My every flaw, my every mood

After all this heart has been through
I don’t know how I could be so lucky
To have a love this true
And I’ll try to give you only the best of me

Tags: Beautiful Love, Found Love, Heartfelt Love, I Need You, New Love, thank you love, thankful for love, touching love

You Mean The World To Me

In all our time together
You’ve come to mean so much to me
You are my best friend
My life and all my dreams

You give me hope when I’m all out
You are my pick-me-up
When I’m feeling down
You make me feel good about myself

There will never be anyone else
For the rest of time
To love me like you do
And for me to love too
The way I love you

You mean the world to me
You are my soul
my spirit
My everything

Tags: I Love You, supportive love, You Complete Me

You Make Me Whole

You bring out the best in me
You make me whole
You make me see
The world the way it should be

You make me feel
Things so completely
Like peace and happiness
And you’ve shown me
What love really is

And that dreams
Really do come true
And I know so many things
Now that you’ve taught me
What life and love are about

But, one thing I never want to find out,
Is what I would do if I had to live without you
There are just some things
I don’t need answers to

I love you

Tags: Deep Love, I Love You, Inspired By You, Romantic Love, You Complete Me

You Make Me Happy

You make me happy
You fill my world with hope
You’ve changed my life
In ways you’ll never know

You have a special way
Of making me feel
More valuable than I believe I am
Your soft and gentle smile
Speaks to my heart
As if you truly understand

When something is on my mind
Or weighs heavy on my heart
You always seem to know
What I want to say
Before I ever start

When I just need to talk
To sort through my emotions
Or to clarify my thoughts
You listen with ease and devotion
And I no longer feel distraught

I’m so lucky to have you in my life
Every day that you’re with me
Is another day that I’m thankful
And so incredibly happy

Tags: patient love

You Feel Like Home To Me

You feel like home to me;
The warm and gentle comfort,
Of all familiar things

You feel like home to me;
A safe and peaceful place,
Where I can relax and be free

You feel like home to me;
With your knowing smile,
You can put me at ease

You feel like home to me
And here with you
Is the only place I’ll ever want to be

Tags: I Love You, love feelings, Romantic Love, You Complete Me

You Are My Tomorrow

You are the smile within my heart
The life within my soul
You are the joy within my laughter
The half that makes me whole

You are the twinkle in my eyes
The hope in all my dreams
You are the inspiration in all I do
You are all I really need

You are my tomorrow
The love that gives me faith
You are my forever
And this will never change

Tags: Meant to be Love, Real Love, True Love, you're the one love, your love

When You Have That Feeling

When you have that feeling
That you’re right where you belong
And the laughter of another
Becomes your favorite song

When you have that feeling
Of deep happiness within
From the time that you share
With a lover who’s your friend

When you have that feeling
You’ve found the sweetest love
That you’ve ever known
Then finally you’re where you need to be
You’re right where you belong

Tags: Found Love, love and best friend, Real Love, Sweet Love, sweetest love, you're the one love

When I Tell You That I Love You

When I tell you that I love you
I’m saying that I care
In you I’ve found a friend
That is wonderful and rare

When I tell you that I love you
The meaning is so profound
For, in you my fate has been uncovered
And my soul finally found

When I tell you that I love you
What I’m trying to express
Is that you can always count on me
I’ll give you nothing but the best

When I tell you that I love you
I’m trying to convey
How much I admire you
In a thousand different ways

When I tell you that I love you
I’m saying “thank you”
For for being who you are
For being a part of my life
And touching my heart

When I tell you that I love you
It’s not exactly what I mean
To explain what I feel for you
Would take a zillion words
Not three

Tags: Beautiful Love, Honest Love, I Love You, love letter, passionate love, Perfect Love, Real Love, Romantic Love, True Love

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