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What You Do To My Heart

I want to hold you in my arms
Close enough to make you feel
What you do to my heart

I want to take your hand
And walk you through my dreams
Just to show you, just to prove
That what I live for is you and me

You’re all I need
I love you with all my heart and soul
You are and will always be
The only one for me

Tags: Deep Love, Romantic Love, sentimental love, unconditional love, You and Me

What Did I Ever Do?

Sometimes, I ask myself
“How on earth did I ever get so lucky?”
You are such a wonderful person,
And at times it’s almost unbelievable
That you love me the way that you do.

The way that you smile at me;
The way that you speak my name
With such love in your voice
Touches my heart and my soul,
And I wonder what did I ever do
To deserve someone like you?

Tags: Amazing Love, love letter, lucky love, Sweet Love, thankful for love, you amaze me

I’m Happy

I’m happy to be sharing
This day with you
Laughing and living
Caring and giving
Doing the things
That people in love often do

I’m happy to be spending
This life with you,
Daring and dreaming
Creating and making
The sweetest of memories
That will last a lifetime through

I’m happy to be the one
That you’re happy sharing
These things with too
I love you

Tags: Marriage, vows

We Can Find Love Again

Once upon a time
my heart fell in love
and it wasn’t ordinary
everyday, simple love

It was the need you,
want you, can’t be without
you kind of love

I would smile for hours
so thankful that I found you
So sure and so positive you
were exactly where I was meant to be

And I couldn’t imagine
that a day or time would ever
come and change everything
about our life and love
But it did

Years and time, trials and troubles
have taken us on a rollercoaster
that sometimes didn’t seem to end
and before we knew it our hearts were tired

So tired and worn out from all we had seen,
all we had been through and all we’d experienced
and love somehow turned into comfort
the comfort of knowing someone was there

But those feelings of excitement
and passion somehow faded along the way
and now we’re left wondering just
where it all went

I believe we can find love again
because love is where it all began
and once upon a time
you were all my dreams come true

Tags: Lost Love, troubled love

Tell Me You Love Me

Tell me it’s not really over
Tell me we didn’t just say goodbye
Tell me we can begin again
Tell me we’re worth one last try

Tell that you miss me, too
Tell me you think of me when you awake
Tell me I fill your dreams at night
Tell me this is all a mistake

Tell me you need me
Tell me you love me
Tell me I have a place in your life
Just tell me something

Tags: Goodbye Love, Heartache, heartbreak, Letting Go, saying goodbye

Little Things

I remember the way
your eyes would light up
when you smiled
And the way you would laugh
it would make me laugh, too

I miss all those little things
about you

I remember how happiness
was just an ordinary feeling
It wasn’t something
that we wished for
It just happened everyday

I miss all those little things
that have somehow slipped away

But as time went on
and the years began to take their toll
we forgot the little things
that filled our hearts and our soul
and somehow it all disappeared

I miss all those little things
about us during our best years

Life can be hard and it can hurt
sometimes we do or say something
we never really meant
and before we can take it back
the pain has sunk in

I miss all those little things
about us;
the things that made us strong,
and made us promise this was forever
no matter what went wrong

If we can remember that love was ours
once upon at time
and let go of the tough years and heartache
and take a moment to rewind
I know whe can find the happiness
that used to fill our lives everyday.

I miss all those little things that we used to be.

Tags: Troubled Marriage

I Still Love You

When I look back at how we began;
the laughter and love that we shared,
I smile at all the ways we loved and we dared
to dream of a wonderful future together
and how we promised this was forever

And I try to recall the moment when
things started to change;
Just what it could’ve been
to cause our happiness to slip away,
And though I may never find the answer
I do know one thing for sure;

I still love you now
as much as I did then
and I don’t know how
but we can get through this
I’m not ready to give up on us
You’re still my one true love

Tags: strained relationship, troubled love, Troubled Marriage

Three Little Words

Sometimes, what we share,
seems like a perfect dream.
It seems as if heaven is smiling down on us,
and nothing could ever go wrong.

Sometimes, I wonder if you know that
I love you more than life,
and that you mean more to me than
anything else in this world.

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed with love.
I just want to reach out
and pull you close to my heart.
Sometimes I wish there were a bigger way
of saying I love you.

Three little words aren’t enough.

Tags: Greatest Love, Heartfelt Love, I Love You, Perfect Love, touching love

This Amazing Love

With you I can laugh
Be serious or silly
With you I can be myself
And know that no matter what
You will love me

You know me better than anyone
All my sides and all my moods
You are my best friend
My greatest wish come true

This amazing love we share
This relationship we’ve built,
Brings me a peaceful happiness
I don’t ever want to live without

Tags: my love my best friend, thankful for love, thoughtful love, your love

The Day You Came Into My Life

The day you came into my life
everything changed;
you brought happiness,
you brought hope,
you brought contentment.

And most of all,
you brought love;
a love so amazing,
a love so powerful,
a love too beautiful
to ever be defined.

The day you came into you life
you gave me everything,
and I’ll love you always

Tags: Always Love You, Deep Love, I Love You, love vow, Perfect Love, Romantic Love, You Complete Me

Someone Special

With each day that passes
I find myself investing more and more
Into this relationship;
Faith, hope, trust,
and even my dreams.

If there were a reason to keep living,
I’ve found ten thousand in you.;
This is what you’ve done to me,
And continue to do.

Because of this and more,
You’re Someone Special In My Life

Tags: New Love

So Lucky So Blessed

When life seems unfair and uncertain,
somehow you have the ability
to ease the sadness and
make me feel as if
everything is going to be okay.

You have an amazing amount of strength
that carries me through the rough times
and a wonderful sense of humor
that can turn the tears into smiles.

Knowing you’re by my side,
knowing that I have you to lean on,
knowing that you will always be there,
gives me comfort.

I am not just lucky to have you in my life
I am blessed beyond words.

Tags: Amazing Love, Blessed Love, i admire you, I Love You, love letter, lucky love

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